Cooking On A Budget: My Page On Google.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

My Page On Google.


In an attempt to better my blog exposure and have a higher ranking on Google+ it has been strongly suggested that when I post I post as a "page" and not a personal page. My personal page is set up under my name Patty Anderson.

A while back I set up a page and did so under Cooking On A Budget Blog as shown in the photograph above. What I need is to get all you wonderful people to gravitate over to my page versus my personal profile.

Since this is new to me and I have to learn things I thought one of the ways I could lead you to it was to provide a link to the page. Here is the link:

I think I will have to share my posts from that page versus my personal page - it's all confusing to me but I beg that you give me time.

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