Cooking On A Budget: Summer Celebrations Recipes

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Summer Celebrations Recipes


Starting off in May we celebrate and honor those who have fought for the freedom we have here in the United States. Then in June we celebrate those who have worked their way through school and graduate from High School or College earning a diploma which allows them the opportunity to seek out a solid career and establish themselves in the adult world. Also in June we take a day to pay homage to the Dad's in our life - men who raised us, mentored us and provided for us. July we celebrate Independence Day and end the summer season of picnics and parties with a Labor Day celebration that includes spectacular fireworks displays.
For all of us at one time or another there is a reason to celebrate. Summer brings us parties to welcome in an expectant mother's child and the union of marriage between two people who believe they are soul mates for life. Sometimes we celebrate good friends and family by hosting a gathering, impromptu at times just because we love being in each others company.

So whatever you are celebrating this summer you will need some great food. I have collected some recipes from the blog that are easy to make, budget-friendly and taste so very, very good. I did not want to overwhelm you with tons of recipes so I chose a couple of my favorites in a few different categories.


Before you put out a main course, snacks are always welcome. This delicious herbed cream cheese is perfect with crackers or bread sticks.

It tastes amazing and you'll never have to buy store bought again!

These will be a huge hit at any summer party. They are packed with southwest spices and just so delicious.

There's a sauce you make to pour over the meatballs to kick them up another level in flavor.


Summer picnics just aren't the same without a delicious pasta salad.

This tuna and red pepper pasta salad is excellent and everyone will enjoy this.

This classic salad got a little bit of a makeover and it's awfully good!

Crisp beans, crispy bacon and a delicious vinaigrette.

And, who doesn't like a little bacon now and then?


Burgers go hand in hand with summertime celebrations.

This is my version of an ultimate Burger.

It's fantastic and packed with great flavor and texture.

Kielbasa is a great alternative to the hot dog. The kielbasa grills nicely and you are going to love the Barbecue Sauce Glaze on it. It's an original recipe from me, a.k.a. Great Northern Barbecue Sauce. 

This impressive pie is so easy to make. It doesn't take long to put together and any chocolate-loving person is going to go nuts over this!

Use a pre-made crust and the very decadent filling and some fresh berries and you'll look like a rock star chef! 

One of my newest recipes and this is so easy to make as well! 

Makes about 24 small bars for 29¢ each.

You can omit the nuts in the streusel if any guest is allergic to nuts. Always a good thing to ask when you are sending invites.


May all your Summer Celebrations
be filled with fun, laughter
and enjoyed with the people you love.
Just remember to drink responsibly
and drive safely! 

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