Cooking On A Budget: 12 Amazing Thanksgiving Sides

Sunday, November 8, 2015

12 Amazing Thanksgiving Sides

From Roasted Cranberry Sauce to Dressed Up Dinner Rolls, I present 12 Amazing Thanksgiving Sides.

When you ask your blogging friends to submit some recipes for a round up they deliver. Here are 12 Amazing Thanksgiving Sides, three from yours truly. I really hope you find these recipes worthy of your Thanksgiving Feast. I personally can't wait to give some of them a try!

This very first dish is from Peter Block, author of the blog Feed Your Soul Too. Peter submitted a recipe for Two Layered Potatoes which combines Yukon Gold and Sweet Potatoes with smoked Gouda and Manchego Cheese. How good does that sound? I am a fan of cheesy potatoes as you'll see later on in this post and I would definitely give this recipe some serious consideration. It looks amazing too! I have come to know Peter in this last year or so and enjoy the fact that Peter loves various cuisines. From Asia to Spain or Mexico, he really loves experimenting with flavors from around the world.

And speaking of sweet potatoes, here is a Sweet Potato Casserole from Diane Williams, the author of Homemade Food Junkie website. Diane's blog is a garden and homemade food blog. Her husband is the gardener and they grow most things organically. As a general rule everything she creates is healthy, even the sweet treats are made healthier when possible. You have to slide on over and check out this recipe.

Thanksgiving is not complete without stuffing. It's just one of those traditional items you absolutely need on the table! Whether you stuff the bird or make a side casserole dish like April Harris of April J Harris has done here with her Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Stuffing, everyone will be happy. This recipe is made with French bread, apricots and pecans and sounds as the title says, delicious. Be sure and check this one out. April is from across the sea; she lives in England and currently is putting together family recipes for a cookbook she plans on publishing.

One of my husband's favorite vegetables are Brussel Sprouts and my dear friend Dan Zehr of Platter Talk has contributed a beautiful recipe for them. Brussel Sprouts with Fennel includes a bit of bacon and garlic and in my book that is A-Okay. If you haven't tried Brussel sprouts in a while I would certainly give this recipe a try. Dan and his partner in life and on the blog have won over my heart ~ they blog family style and entertaining style recipes that everyone can enjoy.

 Lentil Melange Stuffed and Roasted Acorn Squash comes from the queen of all things "chopped". I am speaking of KC Kahn of The Kitchen Chopper. KC's unique style of "chopped" is presented in anything she creates. Everything is made with healthy and delicious ingredients and this recipe is no different. Swing by and take a look. On a regular basis KC is very concerned about eating right and if you have difficulty choosing the foods you should eat and prepare then KC is a great source for recipes.

I am a fan of homemade cranberry sauce recipes. And this Simple Roasted Cranberry Sauce from Debi Wayland of Life Currents looks and sounds out of this world delicious! I make mine on the stove top but I truly love the idea of roasting the cranberries. Roasting vegetables I've done, but cranberries? This has to be awesome and I urge you to give it a go. Debi herself is a vegetarian with a meat-eating lover of a husband. Although she does blog recipes using meat, most of what Debi concentrates on is vegetarian recipes and they all look and sound delicious.

Next up is a recipe for Butternut Squash and Leeks with Brown Butter Sage from Sandi Gaertner of the blog, Fearless Dining. I love that she peeled the butternut squash into ribbons making this look fabulous. Also, if you have never had brown butter sage, you are in for a treat ~ it tastes amazing! You definitely will find this preparation easy and if you are looking for unique, this is the recipe for you. Sandi specializes in Gluten Free recipes and for those who suffer from celiac disease you will be able to find so many things to make ~from appetizers to desserts and everything in between.

For those who just simply can not be without a green bean casserole, my recipe for this holiday casserole doesn't use anything from a can. It's easy and it's made with fresh green beans. My husband and I really love this and I'll be making it for our Thanksgiving celebration. Lighter Fresh Green Bean Casserole you are going to like this recipe.

Here we have an easy side dish, Cream Corn from Dan Zehr of Platter Talk. The homemade version made with dairy, spices and some cheese will please everyone ~ including the youngsters this Thanksgiving.

For something different we have a recipe for Broccoli Salad with Greek Flair from Katerina Delidimou from Culinary Flavors blog. Katerina hails from Greece and her blog focuses on the food, the history and the lore of Greece. It's a wonderful blog and this recipe sounds great. The salad is filled with broccoli and other wonderful veggies and there's a beautiful dressing to dress it all up and bring it all together. It will certainly be a nice addition to your holiday buffet table.

No holiday spread is complete without dinner rolls. All you have to do is buy some store bought rolls and dress them up a bit. This is so easy and they taste terrific. Dressed Up Dinner Rolls from here at Cooking On A Budget.

There is not a more popular recipe here on my blog than Steakhouse Potato Gratin. This wonderful, cheesy, creamy and delicious casserole is the perfect side dish for ham and definitely belongs at any Thanksgiving buffet table. This amazing potato dish will forever change the way you make au gratin potatoes.

I want to say thank you to all of the wonderful bloggers who contributed to this post. Each name has a link that will take you directly to their blogs so you can bookmark your favorites!

And there you have it. 12 Amazing Thanksgiving Sides to make your holiday special. 

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