Cooking On A Budget: Recipe Make Overs

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Recipe Make Overs

 We will eat well this week and the blog will get some much needed make overs too!
3 Dinners and a total of 4 Posts will be made over based on my frugal shopping trip to the grocery store and the fact that new photographs are really needed! We love these dinners and why I did not decide to make them over sooner is beyond me.
So be sure to check back during this next week to see the changes. I'll also update costs as needed in the post to bring us from 2013 pricing to 2016. Quite a bit has changed since then!

My husband has been requesting shrimp with my original Caribbean Marinade® and that factored into my making over the marinade recipe post and the Caribbean Shrimp with Colorful Rice post over.

Second, we love stir fry meals and the Teriyaki Beef and Vegetables was definitely high on my personal list to make for dinner and it gives me the opportunity to snap a new photo!

Then, I love short ribs. Lord are they good. But they aren't cheap. Despite that I splurged this week because they looked incredible. And for gosh sake, I need a new photograph. I am just hoping the weather cooperates and I can shoot with natural lighting!

All in all I spent about $89.00 just for groceries which includes a night of soup and sandwich and a roasted chicken dinner. With everything I had and what I spent today, we will have plenty of food for the week and actually the recipes are enough to feed four people. It's all in going with what you already have in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry to make shopping and cooking great meals like this on a scant food budget.

If any of you need help with your food budget, please don't hesitate to contact me via e-mail with your questions. It's helpful to know what you allot for food, how many in your family and whether there are kids and even ages if you want to provide that information. I'll do my very best to assist in any way possible. My e-mail is:

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