Cooking On A Budget: Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Information

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Information

Comprehensive Guide to Kitchen Information ~ food safety storage, cooking times and a whole lot more!

Today I have something really special to share with you. It is certainly not easy to eat well and eat healthy these days when your food budget is really low. However, as proven here at Cooking On A Budget time and again there are recipes you can make for dinner that are wholesome, delicious family friendly recipes that won't break the bank! There are some things you can learn if you don't already know them that will help you organize your kitchen, keep your family safe by following basic guidelines, the best way to cook proteins and vegetables as well as measurements!
When our kitchens are clean and well organized it actually helps us with our food budget. You may be asking, "Well just how does it do that?" I'll tell you how:
  1. If your pantry cabinet(s) where you store the bulk of your canned goods, dry goods and spices are totally unorganized you stand the chance of buying an item you already have and really didn't need.
  2. If it's organized and you know what you have then you are able to plan your meals around what is already there. That helps a lot!
It is the same with your freezer and refrigerator ~ the better organized it is, the less likely you are to either duplicate an item or miss an item you need. Plus there is a way in which you should be storing your food in your refrigerator which is one of the many great things in the info graphic that was produced by Barbara Whitney of Kitchen Byte.
  1. By maintaining the proper temperature in your refrigerator, food won't spoil as quickly and cause you to toss something before you had the chance to cook it. Nothing is more frustrating than that. Which that thought leads me to...
  2. Check the dates on packages of meat. Meat has a packaged day and/or a sell by date which means you have to cook that protein by that date. You certainly don't want to be throwing away proteins!
  3. Also, remember to check expiration dates on other products, especially dairy! You don't want to bring home a gallon of milk whose expiration date is only days away.

Food safety guidelines weren't just set up for restaurants and grocery stores. Food safety is something you should be practicing at home as well. This comprehensive guide will certainly give you the low down for any questions you have. I also like the handy measurement charts and the conversion from ounces to grams!

The one area that I felt could have been squeezed into this detailed post from Kitchen Byte was how long to cook proteins (how many minutes per pound) and the proper internal temperature based on food safety practices and she has ensured me that those will be added in the near future. Other than that it's pretty comprehensive and will be a valuable tool for you to bookmark and save on your computer for handy reference.

I trust that after reading this, you too will want to hop on over and take a look at the wealth of information that Barbara has prepared in her Kitchen Cheat Sheet.
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