Cooking On A Budget: Super Bowl XLVII

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII



I am not a football fanatic, not even close as a matter of fact. My understanding of the rules of the game are minimal to say the least and I don't find it really exciting to watch unless two New England teams are going head to head in the big play off for the "Championship Ring and Trophy". But that doesn't mean I don't entertain the thoughts of game day parties and food. To me that the best part.
What I love is that people who attend regular games throughout the season have become very serious about good eats. Tailgating has become a very popular thing to do prior to the game and many many people are doing it at the College level as well as the Pro level. The Food Network has even broadcast tailgating competition shows hosted by the famous Guy Fieri.
So this is what this blog is about - the food to bring or have at your Super Bowl Party. At most parties chicken wings and ribs are king. Here are the links for these outstanding recipes for chicken wings and ribs.
The Peach Apricot Sauce would work on either ribs or chicken. You should also consider a vegetarian dish or two and I think portobello pizzas is a winner. Even though you may not have your own garden tomatoes you can always find vine ripe tomatoes in the grocery store. The white bean crostini is delicious and inexpensive to make and is a crowd pleaser. For a variety of crackers you need a really good spread and the kickin cream cheese spread is so simple to make.
For a dessert I am going to recommend pumpkin mousse. The recipe makes quite a bit, is very filling and you can serve smaller portions than the picture depicts. It's like having a pie without the crust!
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