Cooking On A Budget: Thanksgiving Year Round

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Year Round


Are you someone who only roasts a turkey breast on Thanksgiving or Christmas, or are you like me and have it as the main protein throughout the year?
I would be interested in finding out how much you and your family love turkey and if you savor the flavor more than once or twice a year. Feel free to leave a comment.
As our Thanksgiving holiday is approaching rather quickly I thought that I would compile a list of some of my favorite dishes that could adorn your holiday table with a link to each one.

The first dish up is making your own whole berry Cranberry Sauce. It's a wonderful and easy recipe and so, so much better than canned.

The first dish up is definitely a Cooking On A Budget vegetable dish that is not only economical but incredibly flavorful. This is one that I find myself making time and again. Sweet Baby Peas with Caramelized Onions.

I have been making my mother's stuffing recipe for a very long time now and changed it up just a bit a while back. One herb that just is stand out with poultry is sage. We grow it in our herb garden and I just love it. So here is a link to my recipe for Sage Stuffing.

Another vegetable dish that has become a tradition on Thanksgiving tables is the Green Bean Casserole. I make mine sans the canned soup and it is delicious.

And then there is Pumpkin Pie, my oh my. This is an outstanding from scratch recipe for the filling and a sure method for making silky pie crust.

As I said we have turkey for a dinner (when I can get it on sale) year round. This meal I made mashed butternut squash, carrots and mashed potatoes with gravy. It is just one of those comforting dishes to have when the weather is rather chilly or even in the heat of summer when you can use a rotisserie oven or the outdoor grill. On this site is my blog about Roasted Turkey Dinner and Beyond which will give you lots of great ideas for using the left over turkey. Also you'll find a recipe for the turkey gratin I made in the post Thanksgiving Gratins.

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