Cooking On A Budget: 8 Spectacular Restaurant Quality Recipes

Monday, November 16, 2015

8 Spectacular Restaurant Quality Recipes

Make the evening deliciously fun with these 8 spectacular restaurant quality recipes!

The cost of dining in a finer restaurant between the food, the drinks, the tax and the tip (plus a sitter if you have kids) can be ultra expensive. Buying the ingredients to make a snazzy meal at home you will not spend nearly as much as what you put on the plastic. Besides, that what if you hit the restaurant on an off night? You leave feeling as though you've just been ripped off and you walk out of the restaurant feeling let down and resentful of the money you just spent. I've been there, have you?

My mother used an expression throughout my childhood: "Champagne tastes on a beer pocketbook." Simply put, one can't afford the finer things on a low budget. That holds true for food. Unless you rack up your credit card with charges, most people like myself can't afford a night out on the town and dine in a top notch restaurant. And if you have little ones that require a babysitter that evening out can add up to A LOT OF MONEY.

Since we are like many others we generally stick to what we can afford for meals at home, but on occasion we will treat ourselves to something special for dinner. A good steak, or some seafood perhaps could make it's way onto our menu. When we spend extra I want to make the meal memorable and I want that tenderloin or shrimp I purchased to taste like what I had when I dined in a fine restaurant and thought the meal was spectacular.

You can make any of these recipes and I promise you that they are all easy and not complicated to make. I also promise you that these are outrageously delicious. There's one (demi glace) that takes more time, but I can also say that it is worth every penny you spend and worth the time and effort you put into it. Also the demi glace freezes well and you can save it for future dishes.

Roll up your sleeves, don your apron and let's get cooking some spectacular restaurant quality dishes.

1. Restaurant Style Broccoli and Garlic

 If you are a fan of broccoli, this simple and easy recipe makes a delicious side dish to any meal.

2. Steakhouse Barbecue Shrimp ~ Orleans Style
 I cannot express enough how GOOD this shrimp dish is. It's from the Ruth Chris Steakhouse menu.

3. Garlic Go-Go Bread
Inspired by what I had at Michael Jordan's Sports Bar Cafe, I created the recipe at home from memory of the flavors and happy to say I nailed it. It is easy to make and it tastes amazing!

4. Steakhouse Potato Gratin
I've said it before. This is my most popular recipe on the blog and for good reason. Spectacular! Your guests will be absolutely wowed by this side dish recipe.

5. Demi Glace (with Filet Mignon)
It takes time to make the demi glace but it's so worth it. Plus freezing in discs you get to enjoy it down the road. Take an ordinary sirloin steak (if filet is not possible) and make it extraordinary with this demi glace with mushroom sauce. If you need help with grilling steaks just follow the link and it will take you to a post I did about grilling steaks outdoors. I am the queen of grilling beef in our home.

6. Tuscan Soup
This soul satisfying soup recipe from a well known restaurant chain is simply delicious and not complicated to make.

7. Butter-Basted Pork Chops with Thyme
The butter-baste method for these pork chops with thyme was so perfect for a restaurant quality meal. So flavorful and so delicious.

8. French Onion Soup
I just made a batch of this soup yesterday and my husband would like it again for dinner tonight. He could not stop saying how good the soup was. This is the ultimate restaurant soup starter and indeed the flavor is phenomenal and it's really, really easy to make.

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