Cooking On A Budget: 14 Amazing SUPER BOWL SNACKS

Monday, January 11, 2016


Are you ready for some football?

One of the reasons we survive the winter is because of sports - football for many. For me it's basketball, women's basketball specifically. However I get a lot of enjoyment over the hype of year end football playoffs to see what teams will ultimately make it to the Super Bowl. That day when you have one game only to take home the prize. And quite honestly I love, love the Budweiser Clydesdale commercials they do every year and I look forward to game day snacking. Whose with me on this?
In this post I've compiled some of the best snack food I've created to give you the best super bowl party ever. With such a variety to choose from, your guests will surely not go away hungry. And I'll venture to guess you'll get rave reviews too.

We'll start with chicken wings. They are without a doubt high on everyone's list of great appetizers and snack foods, so here's four for you to choose from:

  1. Buffalo Wings ~ my sauce is good. Nice amount of heat and it's really easy to make.
  2. Spicy Maple Glazed Chicken Wings ~ well these puppies have a bit o' heat and some sweet. Really super good.
  3. Firecracker Chicken Wings ~ these are phenomenal too. Different than what you're accustomed to.
  4. Grilled Chicken Wings with Asian Barbecue Sauce ~ a little different too and what great taste!
And to please the men who are wanting a foot long grinder why not make them Meatball Quesadillas instead? Why be boring when you can be creative? These quesadillas are fabulous. Use your own Italian meatballs or for quick and easy buy a store brand you like.

Another appetizer that seems to be liked by many are stuffed mushrooms. This gives you an option for something else that is vegetarian. Here are two of my favorites.
  1. Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms ~ Instead of spinach, I chose artichokes in this recipe and am glad I did.
  2. Stuffed Button Mushrooms ~ a recipe I've made over and over through the years that is easy and the flavor is fabulous.

Most everyone loves deviled eggs and they are generally one of the first things on a platter to be gone. Be sure to make plenty of these BACON & CHIVE DEVILED EGGS.

Round out your appetizers with something from the sea. So many people absolutely love oysters and they make for a great game day snack. My Long Island Broiled Oysters are outrageous - the oyster is slightly cooked (just until the cheese melts) and what a flavor sensation. The clam shell stuffies are pretty fabulous too - and one of my favorites. They look lovely in the shells like this, don't they?
  1. Long Island Broiled Oysters
  2. Clam Shell Stuffies

You need some dips and a few extra items to add to this array of spectacular snacks. I've got you covered here too.
  1. Grilled Cheesy Jalapeno Poppers ~ Do you guests like heat? Try these. Knock your socks off good!
  2. Garlic Go-Go Bread ~ a somewhat sophisticated appetizer that's a breeze to make and man is it out of this world delicious.
  3. Crab Meat Dip ~ A dip for crackers or chips and ever so easy to make.
  4. Garlic Herb Cream Cheese Dip (spread) ~ A replication of the store brand that costs an outrageous amount of money. Serve with crackers or vegetables of your choice.

So bring it all together with my simple planning strategies.
  1. Plan your guest list and think about their food preferences. You know your friends and family so choosing items you think you and your guests will love should be easy.
  2. From there, write down all that you want to include on the snack table.
  3. Will you ask the guests to bring something or do it all yourself?
  4. Do you want your guests to make something from your list? Well e-mail them one of the recipes and ask if they could make it. If someone has a super hectic schedule, then send them one of the quick and easy recipes. Most people welcome suggestions and some have a favorite they like to make - by all means don't refuse that.
  5. Once you have the menu planned, make your grocery list. Start buying some of the ingredients now so you don't have to outlay all the cash at once. Shop smart and check for what's on sale at your grocery store.
  6. Figure out what appetizers need to be kept warm and dig out that warming tray or chafing dish. Plot out where the snacks will be. One large table or spread around?
  7. Be sure to have something for everyone to drink, including non-alcoholic beverages.
  8. Even though this is snack food, make sure you have some sturdy paper plates, and plenty of them.
  9. Plan something fun for during the pregame show, like a sports trivia game where the winner gets a silly prize of some sort.
  10. Most of all have fun and don't let your guests drive intoxicated - call a taxi service if need be.

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