Cooking On A Budget: Restaurant Quality Date Night Dinner

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Restaurant Quality Date Night Dinner

Restaurant Quality Date Night Dinner ~ finding the way to a loved one's heart with a delicious restaurant quality meal!

My husband and I already had a history before I re-met him in 1990. We married in four short months after our first evening together and that was 26+ years ago. I had two children before this marriage and we had our third child together. Going out for dinner was a rare occasion and not just because of the kids or finances. My husband is not a restaurant person per se and quite frankly, unless it's a high quality restaurant that serves excellent food, I would rather dine at home than be served mediocre food.
When it comes to date night or Valentine's day where that day you're supposed to shower the one you love with something special, I am not convinced with the whole chocolate, flowers or jewelry way of showing the love. What I do love more than that is someone taking the time to prepare a delicious meal that's out of the everyday - something that is normally not in your dinner rotation. That my husband did faithfully in our early years of marriage and our kids were included in the celebration of love.

I've prepared for you a beautiful menu, filled with delicious food from an appetizer course through to dessert that will very much impress your loved one and you won't be spending tons of money as you would if you dined out. For example, appetizer, chops, potatoes, broccoli and dessert at a high quality restaurant for 2 people costs approximately: $147.00 not including drinks, tax and tip! This menu costs approximately: $33.39 to make, which leaves room for a bunch of flowers to dress up your table. You can't beat that.

Start off by treating that special person with an appetizer that will knock their socks off. They are going to absolutely go crazy for the Long Island Broiled Oysters. They get heated just for a bit under the broiler to melt the yummy Gruyere cheese that sits atop the luscious oyster and small amount of filling.

Who doesn't love a good, meaty and flavorful Pork Chop? These restaurant-quality Butter Basted Pork Chops with Thyme are fabulous!

And the sides I have chosen are incredible and exemplify the best a steakhouse has to offer and they can be made right in your own home. The first is the Steakhouse Potato Gratin. You can't have pork chops without some potatoes now can you? This luscious, creamy gratin is over the top good! No wonder it has received rave reviews and viewed 305,000+ times!

The other perfect pairing with the Butter Basted Pork Chops are mushrooms. I absolutely do love the taste of the porcini mushroom so I chose them for Steak House Mushrooms with Marsala. Whatever you do, please go and buy some Marsala from the liquor store otherwise this dish will be a bust!

And finally you need something green, something healthy and something delicious for a vegetable. Well the Restaurant-Style Broccoli and Garlic fits in perfectly with this restaurant quality meal at home. The broccoli is cooked perfectly and remains a stunning green.

It's time to relax and settle in with perhaps a cup of coffee and dessert. I've got you covered there too!

Chocolate Cake with Black Raspberry Ganache ~ it's simple, it's elegant and it's delicious. Very easy to make too!

Every single recipe here is straightforward - not overly complicated and yet each one is distinctly amazing in it's own right. I just spoke to a friend last evening who asked me, "Do you really make all that food on your blog?" I answered, "Yes I do." Her reply: "Well I have to say you eat really well!" We do and sometimes we go a bit off course than what is a normal budget for food; but no matter what, it's all good and it's all delicious - well most all of it is. Dishes that are not good never make it here on the blog.

I hope you have much success with this menu and that you and your loved one are completely satisfied!

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